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Download Clean Slate 1.0.3 Clean Slate 1.0.3
Clean Slate 1.0.3
clean up your desktop by hiding all the icons that normally junk it up

License: Shareware Size: 6.6MB Updated: 06/15/2011 Details...

Download DropCopy 1.73 DropCopy 1.73
DropCopy 1.73
Quickly send files and folders to multiple destinations across your LAN

License: Freeware Size: 4.4MB Updated: 06/14/2011 Details...

Download Deskovery 1.2.3 Deskovery 1.2.3
Deskovery 1.2.3
Deskovery is efficient and fun windows management

License: Freeware Size: 1.4MB Updated: 06/14/2011 Details...

Download Kaleidoscope 1.1.4 Kaleidoscope 1.1.4
Kaleidoscope 1.1.4
Use Kaleidoscope to spot the differences in text and image files

License: Shareware Size: 7.7MB Updated: 06/13/2011 Details...

Download MagicPrefs 2.2.3 MagicPrefs 2.2.3
MagicPrefs 2.2.3
MagicPrefs aims to improve the functionality and configuration options.

License: Freeware Size: 2.3MB Updated: 06/13/2011 Details...

Download Screenium 1.5 Screenium 1.5
Screenium 1.5
Quickly make live videos of your Mac's screen

License: Demo Size: 11.1MB Updated: 06/10/2011 Details...

Download myPhoneDesktop 1.8.1 myPhoneDesktop 1.8.1
myPhoneDesktop 1.8.1
An easy wary to work with your iPhone or iPod touch directly from your desktop.

License: Demo Size: 15.0MB Updated: 06/09/2011 Details...

Download PortAuthority 4.0 PortAuthority 4.0
PortAuthority 4.0
GUI for MacPorts package management system.

License: Shareware Size: 7.6MB Updated: 06/08/2011 Details...

Download Espionage 2.8.12 Espionage 2.8.12
Espionage 2.8.12
Secure folder protection for mac.

License: Shareware Size: 6.1MB Updated: 06/08/2011 Details...

Download PrimeFiles 1.5.5 PrimeFiles 1.5.5
PrimeFiles 1.5.5
Primefiles lets you quickly launch applications, open documents.

License: Shareware Size: 1.9MB Updated: 06/08/2011 Details...

Download Desktop Clock 1.2 Desktop Clock 1.2
Desktop Clock 1.2
Easily viewable clocks with multiple styles

License: Shareware Size: 1.9MB Added: 06/08/2011 Details...

Download Jumper 2.0.6 Jumper 2.0.6
Jumper 2.0.6
Second dock for desktop

License: Shareware Size: 7.8MB Added: 06/02/2011 Details...

Download Icon2Image 1.3.6b Icon2Image 1.3.6b
Icon2Image 1.3.6b
You can convert file, folder, and disk icons into images with Icon2Image.

License: Demo Size: 510KB Updated: 06/01/2011 Details...

Download 3D fileSpace 1.0.2 3D fileSpace 1.0.2
3D fileSpace 1.0.2
Visual file system launcher with 3D drawers

License: Shareware Size: 524KB Updated: 06/01/2011 Details...

Download MacCleanse 2.1.7 MacCleanse 2.1.7
MacCleanse 2.1.7
Powerful application geared towards purifying your system

License: Shareware Size: 8.7MB Updated: 05/26/2011 Details...

Download FileWard 1.1.6 FileWard 1.1.6
FileWard 1.1.6
FileWard is a handy tool designed to bring high strength data encryption

License: Demo Size: 6.0MB Updated: 05/26/2011 Details...

Download Keyboard Pilot 1.4 Keyboard Pilot 1.4
Keyboard Pilot 1.4
Put your keyboard on autopilot!

License: Commercial Size: 0.4MB Updated: 05/24/2011 Details...

Download iKey 2.5.1 iKey 2.5.1
iKey 2.5.1
Create shortcuts to accomplish repetitive tasks

License: Shareware Size: 4.7MB Updated: 05/24/2011 Details...

Download Soxy 1.6.0 Soxy 1.6.0
Soxy 1.6.0
Improves workflow resouces

License: Demo Size: 20.2MB Updated: 05/23/2011 Details...

Download doubleTwist 3.1.1 doubleTwist 3.1.1
doubleTwist 3.1.1
Search, buy and sync in seconds!

License: Freeware Size: 14.5MB Updated: 05/23/2011 Details...

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